Wedding Photography Makeup Tips For The Blushing Portland Bride

Finding the best wedding photography in Portland OR may be a great idea, but have you thought about making yourself look your best for the photographs? A good photo does not only depend on the skill of the photographer among many other things. You also have to do your part and look your part to make the best out of it. So how do you come up with the best make up that will show and enhance your bridal beauty? Read our tips and find out.

The key to looking good lies in your natural features. This simply means that you need to choose a look that will highlight your best features and not give you that heavy makeup look. No one wants to look like a clown on their most special day. You don’t want people to see you all covered with makeup colors that instead of bringing out your best features, only tend to give you a mask effect.

Pinks look good for your choice of color. The shade and hue may depend on your skin color, but most pinks bring out a blushing glow in most ladies. You may want to intensify the colors a bit to make sure it shows up in the photos but never overdo it. A single mistake could ruin your photos. Be sure to choose makeup colors beforehand and choose the best makeup artist to work with.

Your base is also important when it comes to wedding photography. We are talking about foundation and primers. You need to get a shade the exactly matches your skin tone. This ensures that your face will not be looking a little darker or too light in the photos. If you are shopping for the products yourself make sure to test the foundation on your chin in broad daylight before buying it. If it doesn’t match your color, forget it. There are a lot more foundation brands to choose from.

Also, do not use foundations with SPF on your wedding day! This is a very important tip to consider. SPF makes your face appear ghastly in photos, and you don’t want to look like that on your very special day. Especially when flash photography is involved, it gives out that whitish appearance on your skin. So steer clear of products containing SPF. You may want to stick to mineral makeup if you wish.

When choosing eye makeup, it always helps to define your eyes. Line them with eyeliner but don’t make it too dark. Lots of black eyeliner may also look too harsh for a bride. For best results, ask your makeup artist about which look is best.

Of course, all these tips will be useless if your makeup artist does not know what he or she is doing. You need someone who has worked with a lot of weddings before. If you can, try to get the best one because your wedding day is not a time for experimenting on different looks.

But it does not only rely on the makeup artist. Once he or she has done his part to make you look your best, it is now the role of the professional photographer to get your best shots. Wedding photography in Portland OR is quite popular and you will find a lot of services that can cater to your wedding needs.

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